Museum Quality Papers

Museum quality for your own personal collection or gift.  I have spared nothing in finding the perfect printer to reproduce my work.  I personally approve and inspect each print before I sign and number them.  Then and only then is the print mailed to you.

When you order your print, they will come ready to frame as you see fit. Every print comes with an extra 2 inches of white border around the print with a weighted bottom.  To explain what a "weighted Bottom" is, that is when the border on the bottom of the print is larger then the top and sides of the print. Take a look at the sample to see how this look adds to the finish of this beautiful artwork.

Try our Deckled edge prints for a small additional fee, and you will love the finish.  These prints will give you a highly desired finished look when ready for mounting or framing.  For an added appeal every print comes with the image embossed edge, adding a classic look and feel to the artwork.  This technique has been used only by the very finest print makers.  This is just the touch needed to further enhance the beauty of artwork.

Two Different Styles of Paper

Please take a look at the different ways you can have your print completed. Fine art prints that are finished on the Smooth Fine Art Paper, creates a beautiful print with rich, saturated colors, deep dark tones and finely nuanced light tones.  When you combine the beauty of this medium with the unsurpassed expertise of the Artist, you end up with a Museum quality fine art... and a piece of art that you will keep for the rest of your life

If you missed out in owning one of the originals then now is your chance to purchase one of these highly collectible pieces of art.  You can choose the Textured fine art paper and see the print come to life. All of the dark tones and highlights appear to be painted directly onto the paper.  This medium is great for warm and dramatic images.  

Finish With Style

Deckled Edge Finish

If you plan to float your image within a matted frame or shadow box, you can choose the “deckle edge” option that gives the edges of your print the torn paper look.  Hand deckled edges are a wonderfully informal and artistic finish to fine art prints.

Our craftsmen can produce a beautiful deckled edge that has been torn by hand to give a unique feathered finish, which has the look of a high-quality mould made paper.  We achieve this effect by using heavy weight fine art papers, such as Hahnemühle’s  German Etching or Photo Rag papers. When this is torn it leaves behind a nicely feathered, uneven edge which gives the desired effect to the finished print. Many successful artists and fine art photographers have come to use this style of finishing to contribute to the overall look of the finished piece when float mounted and box framed.