On the next few pages you will take a glimpse into my world of colors, shapes and sizes, all arranged to tell a story.  In most cases, the subject is incidental, it just helps me play with the endless array of pigments of color.   There is never a rush to finish, in most cases, a painting tells me when to walk away;  It usually knows best.   I will post new images from time to time so please stop by more then once.      So! Welcome to my world in color also please checkout my stream at: www.twitch.tv/madmanschwartz


     URBAN                      PHOTO-REAL                   LANDSCAPES


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Gerald and his family moved to California and started painting in oils at 16, fell in love with the medium and never stopped.  After completing high school plus 5 years at the renowned Art Center Collage of Design, when still on 3rd St in Los Angeles, Gerald worked as an Assistant Art Director for a fashion magazine, designed books, was a freelance illustrator, photographer, and

Mad Man Schwartz Art
Gerald Schwartz Artist

ad-man all the while never losing focus on his painting.  Then the day came when he made the decision to devote himself full time to the world of fine art and he never looked back.  Gerald explored extensively styles from Traditional to Abstract to Photorealism, all the time distilling down what has become his personal style, Contemporary-Realism.

Gerald has works of art in museums both here in the U.S. and Mexico.  He has been involved in the redevelopment of the arts in downtown Santa Ana, California.  He taught painting at the Leaning Tree Center in Orange County and at UCLA’s Children’s Learning Disability Center.   For the last 11 years Gerald has been a part of “The Festival of Arts”, in Laguna Beach, California.  Recently Gerald had the “Festival of Arts” purchase “AFTERNOON SHADOWS” to be a part of their permanent collection of California Arts that started the art movement that dates back to 1900.  Along with that the State of New Mexico purchased as well “OUR TOWN” to be placed in the University of New Mexico in there “Architectural  & Engineering Department” Gerald is currently both exhibiting in museums and has work permanently displayed.

With the advent of the Internet and its many levels of opportunity for communication Gerald has expanded the opportunity of meeting artists and galleries worldwide.